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Garmin Coupons for Christmas and 2014

Coupon code websites have been around for the last decade, but it’s only really been the last three or four years that they have risen to prominence in the United States.  The savings that can be made using these website are quite extraordinary sometimes, and there are not many online retailers that...

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2014 McAfee LifeSave Security Review – Plus a McAfee Promo Code

Posted by Brian | Posted in Blog | Posted on 02-12-2014


mcafeecouponsRead on for a review of the LiveSafe software, plus details on where you can find a McAfee promo code so you can buy it cheaper today.

McAfee’s antivirus reputation earned its reputation in the days before the World Wide Web became popular. BBS users knew that they could safely the programs onto their computer because the system operators scanned these programs with the company’s antivirus program. The world has changed since the days of the dialup bulletin board systems. McAfee has expanded its product to protect against new threats and devices. The company’s anti-viral software can now be found on Windows, Android, and Macintosh devices. Its one subscription service approach allows everyone to enjoy safe and secure web browsing.

McAfee Promo Code Offers

Currently our sister website Coupon Chili has a fantastic McAfee Promo Code that you can use shoudl you wish to purchase the software cheaper online – just in time for Christmas too!

McAfee LiveSafe is an Affordable Security Suite

McAfee started out with an affordable price for its subscription service, but it has reduced the price even further. Users had to pay around $150 per year to use the service when the subscription model was first launched. Now they can receive the same protection less than $80 per year. Thrifty consumers can take advantage of coupon codes to save up to 50% off of their subscription cost.  Customers who used this software at the All Access level can continue to enjoy the same protection they did before. They not only get to enjoy the same protection, but they can enjoy more features that add increased security.

Protect Your Devices from Being Stolen

Losing a cell phone or a tablet can be an expensive  proposition. People keep more and more of their data on mobile devices. If someone steals one of these portable devices, the owner must go home and change all of his passwords. If he does not have anti-theft protection, he may never get his property or his data back. The LiveSafe Security Suite can use GPS software to get their location. The local police can return them to the rightful owner. All the owner needs to do is exercise a little patience.

Install the Software Over the Web

Computer users have not needed to purchase software from a retail store in years. Many people now purchase it over the Internet. Computer users can go directly to the company’s website to get the software, and they can purchase new programs from the site as well.

Adding new devices is even easier. All the user has to do is access a link sent from one of his house’s protected devices to the new device. After he makes a few key strokes and a mouse click or two, the new device receives the same protection enjoyed by all other computing devices he owns.

Cost-conscious consumers spend time looking for their best options. McAfee LiveSafe Security suite will protect desktop, portable devices. As long as the user follows all of the advice of security experts, including making sure they use strong passwords and change them every few months. It does not matter what the person’s favorite operating system is, LiveSafe covers nearly every commercial OS. McAfee LiveSafe may even come out with Linux version. Future versions will include parental controls. Users looking for the best spyware and virus protection for their home should buy it today.

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Tire Rack Referral Number – Where You Can Find Them

Posted by Brian | Posted in Coupons | Posted on 01-12-2014


When shopping for new tires from Tire Rack you will occasionally be presented with the option to enter in something called a Tire Rack referral number.  But what is this?  Essentially it’s a code number that tells Tire Rack from whom you purchased the tires so that the referring company or website can receive a commission.  Despite what you might think, this won’t actually give you any savings, discounts, or money off – however, don’t be disheartened, because it is still possible to get a Tire Rack discount when shopping with this online dealer.

By visiting the official TireRack.com website you can access all the best Tire Rack sale and discount offers with no need to enter in a referral number or code.

What is a Tire Rack Optional Referral Number?

These are a set of Tire Rack codes given to websites or physical stores meaning that when they refer a customer to Tire Rack, then can get credited for that sale.  Of course, that’s not going to help you as a consumer because none of the discount will be passed to you.  So what should you do?  Well, some of the more popular coupon code websites ave a number of different Tire Rack promotions that you can use  – you can see those on the Tire Rack page at Retailmenot.com as an example. On their page you can get details on promotions, discounts, deals, free gifts, and more – plus you can find out whether they offer military discount.


You can save money and get discounts at Tire Rack when you use coupons

Why Shop at Tire Rack?

Whether you have a Tire Rack referral code or not, there are still plenty of reasons why you should shop for cheap discount tires with this website.  They sell very affordable tires by size, brand, and it’s possible to select your vehicle’s make, model, and year to find the best to suit you.  They also specialize in wheels, brakes, suspension, accessories, and more for those drivers who want to kit out their car or truck with the best when it comes to tires and wheels – which reminds us, please check out our details about Garmin coupon codes at Christmas.

How to Get Tire Rack Referral Codes for Your Business

If you are a business or website that is referring customers through to TireRack.com and want to make commissions on any sales that you put through to the website, then you will need to sign-up as an affiliate.  You can do this by checking out the Tire Rack affiliate program page on this link here: http://www.tirerack.com/affiliates/about.jsp.  It’s possible to earn up to 6%, and with an average order value of $400 dollars it’s possible to add another revenue stream to your automotive website or store.  Tire Rack are the largest independent tire tester and retailer in the United States and offer extremely good customer service and quality of goods so it’s makes sense to partner with them if you are in the business of vehicles and automobiles.

Fisher-Price Sesame Street Silly Sounds Remote Review

Posted by Brian | Posted in Blog | Posted on 01-12-2014


This post follows on nicely from my recent article on the Star Wars 1980s AT AT Walker toy as I seem to have a bit of a nostalgia trip at the moment.  Simon from MB was one of the first games and toys that I remember from my youth that combined a toy with learning… although in truth the only learning aspect to it was trying to remember the order of the sounds and colors that appeared on this handheld toy.

Playing the Simon 1980s Game from MB

I suppose you could call it an early incarnation of a kids learning tablet, but it wasn’t that complicated to master.  The Simon toy had four colored buttons which each produced its own sound when pressed.  To play the game, it started when Simon lit up the four buttons in a random order – and then the player had to reproduce those sounds and colors by pressing the buttons.


As you got better at the Simon game, the number of colored buttons that you needed to press increased.  I personally held the record in my street against my friends with a round of 21 presses.  I am sure that wasn’t too good though in reality!

According to Wikipedia the tones were always designed to be in harmony, no matter what order a player pressed them in.  This is how the buttons and sounds on Simon broke down:

  • A-note (red, upper right);
  • A-note (green, upper left, an octave higher than the upper right);
  • D-note (blue, lower right, a perfect fourth higher than the upper right);
  • G-note (yellow, lower left, a perfect fourth higher than the lower right).

Simon 1980s TV Advert from MB

What made this game so appealing apart from the game play itself was the fact that it came with a TV commercial campaign that always seemed to run on a Saturday morning during the kids TV programs.  I’ve since looked it up on YouTube and it would appear that the producers of the TV commercial might have been fans of Sting and the Police.  Check the ad out below and you will see what I mean!


1980s Simon Game TV Commercial – Number 1

There was also another TV ad which had a load of kids gathering around in wonder at the magic of the Simon game.  I can’t really imagine kids these days being so amazed by such a basic game, but then times have changed.

1980s Simon Game TV Commercial – Number 2

Buy the Vintage Simon 1980s Game Online

Believe it or not, you can still buy Simon from Milton Bradley (MB).  It is possible to pick up an original Simon game in its 1980s packaging if you have a bit of money to spend – and the vintage Simon game can be purchased from Amazon on this link.

Alternatively you can pick up the 21st Century version of Simon, also from Amazon on this link for less than $50 US Dollars.  Of course, it might not entertain your kids as much as a Playstation or Nintendo Wii, but could be the perfect after dinner game for adults in their late twenties and thirties who want a trip down memory lane.

Garmin Coupons for Christmas and 2014

Posted by Brian | Posted in Coupons | Posted on 03-01-2014


Coupon code websites have been around for the last decade, but it’s only really been the last three or four years that they have risen to prominence in the United States.  The savings that can be made using these website are quite extraordinary sometimes, and there are not many online retailers that don’t make use them in order to drive sales and attract new customers.  Amazingly enough, there are still online shoppers who don’t actually understand the process of using them, and if that means you, then you are potentially missing out on saving a lot of money… especially with Christmas just around the corner – here’s an example of how you can use this method with Garmin coupons into 2014 as well.

How to Use Online Coupon Codes & Where to Find Them

OK so you’re shopping on a website, and you get through to the check-out stage.  More often than not you will probably either see a link that lets you redeem a coupon, or you will see a small input field that lets you paste a coupon code in.  If you have a valid coupon, and then apply it, you should see a discount appear on your shopping basket before you go through the payment process.  But where do you find them?  This is typically the step that most people, whether lazy or just not aware, tend to ignore and as a result don’t save any money.

It’s easy though.  This is how you find an online coupon and I am going to use an example of shopping on the Garmin.com web store (they sell consumer electronics). As you can see from the screenshot below there is a box on the check-out which lets you paste in a discount code.


In order to find one you should open up a new browser window and go to Google and do a search for “Garmin discount code”.  Now obviously if on a different retailer you would simply replace the brand name with the name of the store, and use whatever terminology the store uses for a coupon.  They might call it a coupon code, coupon, promo code, promotional code, or discount code.

As you search in Google you will see loads of coupon code websites appear.  The trick is to open up a few of these websites and see what coupons they have listed.  Many will probably be expired or old coupons so a lot of the time its trial and error and you will need to test some out.  Many coupon code websites also ask that you “click to reveal” a coupon as well (I will explain why later in this article).  Here is an example website which has coupon codes for Garmin.com, and other sites you might want to try include RetailMeNot, and Coupons.com – to be honest, there are hundreds available.

Once you have a coupon code that suits the purchase you are making you go back to the retailer site and copy and paste it into the redeemable box, then click to apply to see if it has worked.  If it works, you will see your discount and can proceed to pay.

Why Do Coupon Code Sites Exist?

Coupon code websites don’t just publish coupon codes for the sheer hell of it.  Each time a web visitor uses a coupon from a specific coupon code website, that coupon code website receives a commission.  You might ask then, why do online retailers give them coupons if it means they are in effect giving away some money.

Well, it’s because consumers have begun to expect some form of online discount when shopping online, and if a retailer doesn’t have some form of discount scheme in place, then the shopper is quite likely to want to shop elsewhere.  Retailers don’t want to lose that custom so give coupon codes websites this discount codes.  Retailers also hope that the visibility that they receive from coupon sites will mean some potential new customers they might not have had before.


So to conclude, if you have never used an online coupon, you really are missing a trick.  MSN Money reported that last year, Americans managed to save nearly four billion dollars as a result of using retail coupons.  That’s a huge amount of money, so make sure you save you own slice of this in the run up to Christmas.